Our goal is to work with existing or new businesses to optimize their success and growth.


To utilize our office experience & knowledge so you can have more time for your customers and / or your personal life.

If you say yes to any of the following questions we can help:


  • Is there one aspect of your business that takes more time to do than you have?

  • Would you like to see a cost saving in any of the following - Overtime wages, utilities, materials, advertising?

  • Do you spend more time on specific business tasks than on revenue generating projects?

  • Do you need extra administrative support when your workload increases?

  • Do you need help with bookkeeping, invoicing customers, advertising on social media, answering emails or phone calls?

Some Key Clients


  • Bus Sales Company:

    Data entry of all past customer files for easy access for salesmen and parts department.

    Also, looked at their sales procedures and created a brochure to mail or hand out to potential customers.

  • Manufacturing Company:

    Reviewed shipping department, re-organized area to make more functional. This cut down on the overtime in this department, which saved the company money.

  • Newspaper Company:

    Installed new labeling computer system, data entry of all customer information, made cheat sheet of how to sort by specific components for easy use.

  • Construction Company:

    Setting up a new office. Installed QuickBooks, data entry of all customer information, entering all payroll, AR/AP, printing invoices so everything was up to date for the current year.